Take the Stress Test

The goal of hypnosis in the treatment of stress is to help reduce or eliminate negative stress, incorporate new responses, and to assist the client in becoming a calmer, healthier human being.

To see if you are in danger of illness due to stress, take the stress test. You may be surprised!

Life event Life change units
Death of a spouse 100
Divorce 73
Marital separation 65
Imprisonment 63
Death of a close family member 63
Personal injury or illness 53
Marriage 50
Dismissal from work 47
Marital reconciliation 45
Retirement 45
Change in health of a family member 44
Pregnancy 40
Sexual difficulties 39
Gain of new family member 39
Business readjustment 39
Change in financial state 38
Change in frequency of arguments with spouse 35
Major mortgage 32
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30
Change in responsibility at work 29
Son or daughter leaving home 29
Trouble with in-laws 29
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Spouse begins or stops work 26
Begin or end school 26
Change in living conditions 25
Revision of personal habits 24
Trouble with boss 23
Change in working hours or conditions 20
Change in residence 20
Change in schools 20
Change in recreation 19
Change in church activities 19
Change in social activities 18
Minor mortgage or loan 17
Change in sleeping habits 16
Change in number of family reunions 15
Change in eating habits 15
Vacation 13
Christmas 12
Minor violation of the law 11

This scale was developed by Dr. Thomas H. Holmes, a psychiatrist at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine to measure the psychological stress that can be caused by various changes in circumstances.

The scale represents a "reasonably good correlation" between life changes and the onset of depression and medical problems.

Studies indicate that an accumulation of 200 or more "life-change units" in a single year may be more disruption than an individual can withstand -- thereby making him vulnerable to illness.

If your score is higher than you'd like it to be, don't wait for physical symptoms to appear.

Get help now. I am a phone call or e-mail away.

I am reminded of a concept of Hypnosis:

"Whatever stress makes worst, Hypnosis can make better."

I love this idea as it rings true to all who have come to see me in my practice.