Hypnosis Recordings

Repetition and reinforcement creates habits and skill. A complete commitment to change requires consistent practice until the change becomes automatic and part of your identity.

Pre-recorded Audios

Pre-recorded Audios are $97 each, and are available with the following topics:
  1. Weight loss
  2. Insomnia

Custom Recordings

Custom recordings for special topics are also available. These can be of great benefit to those who live outside of my area. Provide your information over the phone or by e-mail and a tailored hypnosis session will be recorded to your specific needs. Custom recordings are also very popular for children who have problems sleeping, etc. I can involve the child in helping himself/herself to sleep. I use his/her name and talk about a favorite toy or stuffed animal. I even talk about his/her room.

Custom hypnosis recordings are $197 each.

If you would like to purchase a pre-recorded audio or would like to order a custom recording, please feel free to contact me.

How long before I receive my audio session?
It takes about a week.

Can I get my audio session faster? For an additional fee of $17, a rush can be put on your hypnosis audio recording, and you will receive it within 24 hours of the phone consultation.

How will it arrive? Either emailed as an attachment, or available for a private download.

What are the other benefits of ordering a customized hypnosis session?
Less expensive than the typical fee for a hypnotherapy session. Can be anonymous--If you wish, all communication can be via email, and only the real first name given. Convenient--You don't have to leave your home! contact me for more details on receiving your custom audio hypnosis recordings.