You need CPR Life Coaching

Revive Your Life the Way You Imagine It!

CPR stands for Conditioned Perceived Reality.

Whether you believe it to be true or not, our perception is our reality and the perceptions of others is their reality. Take it a step further and you begin to realize that our perception is often a direct result of our conditioning. Our conditioning is a combination of our habits and routines that form a consistent way of evaluating each area of our life. Most people perceive themselves and others consistently based on this conditioning and the reality of their life remains unchanged.

Since most people fear change and take comfort in consistency, they say they want to change, but they remain stuck in their old patterns and habits and often any attempt at change doesn’t stick. There is no shortage of systems that promise change, but these systems require will power and discipline.

What is CPR Life Coaching?

CPR Life Coaching is the best coaching program available to a select few who are truly committed to creating their life the way they imagine it. When you commit to a coaching plan you are not setting goals and hoping that they will be achieved. You are creating your future reality as you imagine it. You are working on yourself to bring out more of your potential and in the process becoming a better version of yourself.

Remember, life is a journey not a destination. You could reach your goals and still be unhappy if you don’t improve yourself in the process. CPR Life Coaching truly transforms your life by changing your conditioning, which changes your perceptions and the end result is a new reality.

What is a life coach? My role as a coach is a unique one. It’s one part strategist, one part optimist, one part realist, and always a friend. I am a voice of reason who truly listens to you, tells you when you are being congruent, and puts you in-line when you’re not. Above all, I hold you responsible, kind of like a personal trainer would do, until you truly achieve the goals you have committed to.

Why would someone use a life coach? Just as a great athlete uses a coach to win the championship, you need a coach to help you win this game called life. Even athletes already competing at the highest levels in their given sport understand the measurable value of a coach to guide them and direct them to move beyond their perceived limitations. A coach will bring out the best in you and help you achieve results that surpass your expectations of what’s possible!

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CPR Core Principles

Get off the excuse train

  • It made me feel…
  • Did you hear what happened to me?
  • Look how impossible this is
  • I can’t do that They think I’m a…
  • I was born….
  • I’ve tried everything

Starting now:
Take responsibility for your life

  • You choose your emotions
  • You choose how to react to your circumstances
  • You choose what to focus on
  • You create your self resume
  • You create people’s perceptions of you






Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined."
--Henry David Thoreau