Corporate Smoking Cessation Program

Do you have several employees that are smokers?

Would you like to be instrumental to helping them quit?

You would be helping them live a longer and healthier life!

Something to think about

World Health Organization says tobacco kills over 6 million people worldwide every year. Smoking is the cause of one in every five deaths, totaling 443,000 people per year in America. That's more than 1,200 people a day!

How can Hypnosis help your employees quit?

Hypnosis is designed to work with your subconscious mind to change, break and eliminate certain subconscious behaviours and programs that make you crave or light up a cigarette.

You will love our very successful Smoking Cessation program designed specifically for the corporate community. I will come to your place of business and help your employees become healthy non-smokers.

This program is approximately 2 hours long. This includes pre-talk, information, hypnosis and everyone will leave with one of my custom made Quit Smoking CDs.

Everyone will leave more relaxed, with less stress and over 90% will be healthy non-smokers.

Benefits to the employer

Enormous amounts of time and productivity are lost due to tobacco addiction.

Statistically, employees who do not smoke:
  • are more productive
  • use fewer sick days
  • have a higher morale
  • are more motivated
  • have decreased stress
It is clear that a company who helps their employees become smoke free will reap tremendous rewards!


1. Do you have employees who smoke? If there are 5 or under, they can come to my office. If there are more than 5 smokers, then we can use your boardroom or meeting room.

2. Is your organization in North America?

If you answered YES to both questions, then you qualify.

Call today to see how we can help you increase your bottom line and improve the health and well-being of your employees!

The success rate of quitting smoking with Hypnosis is over 90%. It does not matter how long or how much you smoke.

  • Your body begins to heal 20 MINUTES after you stop smoking! Your blood pressure drops to normal in that time and the body temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.
  • Within 6 hours your heart rate and blood pressure stabilize.
  • Within 8 hours of quitting, the levels of deadly carbon monoxide return to normal and the level of oxygen returns to normal.
  • Within 24 hours of quitting, your chances of having a heart attack begin to drop. Within 48 hours, your ability to smell and taste normally begins to return.
  • After one week, most withdrawal symptoms are gone.
  • Within 2 weeks to 3 months, your circulation improves and lung function increases as much as 30%. Your confidence also improves as you begin to feel good about your progress.
  • Within 2 months your blood flow improves to your hands and feet and your skin looks healthier.
  • After 1 to 9 months, coughing, fatigue, sinus congestion, and shortness of breath decrease. After 1 year, the excess risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker.
  • Within 3 months, the cilia ( the lungs' hair-like cleaning system) recover and begin ridding the lungs of mucous.
  • After 5 years, the lung cancer death rate for a one-pack-per-day smoker decreases by almost half. After 5-15 years after quitting, stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker. Risk of cancer of the oesophagus, throat, and mouth is half that of a smoker's.
  • After 10 years, the lung cancer death rate is similar to that of a non-smoker.